the story

the new fossils art

My idea is to underline the individuality and attractiveness of real fossils. I want to demonstrate that fossils can be not only objects to be collected and studied, but aesthetic items to decorate homes, hotels, shops or offices with. Each unique item is specially prepared in Germany. I select worldwide attractive and good quality fossils, combine them with different kind of material and bring herewith color into the past. My love for fossils started more than 30 years ago. It slowly started by admiring fossils in friends’ collections. Each new acquisition was shown off, explained and admired. I became familiar with the life forms from millions of years ago, started to learn their Latin names, their anatomy, and began to see the aesthetic values in them. Eventually the idea was born to try and acquire fossils that are not scientifically important in larger numbers. I didn’t want them to disappear forever in magazines, but incorporate them into appealing objects to highlight their uniqueness.

Paleo Design by Annesuse Raquet

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